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Last Conference
Mar 12th, 2018

Circular cities: Promoting sustainable innovation in urban systems and services within the energy-food-water-climate nexus
Aula Manfredini, Via Sarfatti 25 @9am

Last Seminar
Mar 15th, 2018

FEEM-IEFE Joint Seminar Series 2018
Market design for energy storage systems
Miguel Vazquez, IEFE & Florence School of Regulation
Matteo di Castelnuovo, IEFE
5.c4.sr03 - 5th floor, Via Roentgen 1 @12:30pm

IEFE Working Paper Series
April 2018

G-RDEM: A GTAP-Based Recursive Dynamic CGE Model for Long-Term Baseline Generation and Analysis
by Wolfgang Britz and Roberto Roson