Working Papers

Working Paper Series - ISSN 1973-0381

Rationales for technology-specific RES support: the impaired Brazilian solar expansion

by Gustavo Andreão, Michelle Hallack and Miguel Vazquez 

IEFE Working paper n. 99

To what extent will climate and land-use change affect EU-28 agriculture? A computable general equilibrium analysis

by Martina Sartori, Davide Geneletti, Stefano Schiavo and Rocco Scolozzi 

IEFE Working paper n. 98

Opening the Retail Electricity Markets: Puzzles, Drawbacks and Policy Options

by Anna Airoldi and Michele Polo 

IEFE Working Paper n. 97

Demand-Driven Structural Change in Applied General Equilibrium Models

by Roberto Roson and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe 

IEFE Working Paper n. 96

Beyond Water Stress: Structural Adjustment and Macroeconomic Consequences of the Emerging Water Scarcity

by Roberto Roson 

IEFE Working Paper n. 95

Efficiency versus Transaction Costs in Multidimensional Auctions: The case of Brazilian oil and gas lease auctions

by Miguel Vazquez and Michelle Hallack 

IEFE Working Paper n. 94

Community Energy in Italy: Heterogeneous institutional characteristics and citizens engagement

by Chiara Candelise and Gianluca Ruggieri 

IEFE Working Paper n. 93

Barriers to Public Procurement: A Review and Recent Patterns in the EU

by Chiara Carboni, Elisabetta Iossa and Gianpiero Mattera 

IEFE Working Paper n. 92

The role of regulatory learning in energy transition: The case of solar PV in Brazil

by Miguel Vazquez and Michelle Hallack 

IEFE Working Paper n. 91

Assessing the cost of supplying water for agriculture: the food supply cost curve

by Roberto Roson 

IEFE Working Paper n. 90

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