Antonio Massarutto





  • Ph.D. in Public policy analysis, IUAV Venezia
  • Master Degree in Economics, Università Bocconi, Milan - Italy

Current activities

  • Professor of Economic Policy (Bachelor Degree in Economics, University of Udine) and Public Economics (Master Degree  in Economics, University of Udine)
  • IEFE Research Fellow, Bocconi University
  • Vice-Director of Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment

Past activities 

  • Consultant to public authorities on a regular base on topics inherent to research activity
  •  Member of several OECD panels

Research interests

  • Water resource economics and Water management
  • Waste economics and Waste management
  • Regulation of local utilities

Recent Publications 

  • Massarutto A., Pontoni F., 2013, “An economic analysis of the hydropower rent in Italy”, Working paper series in economics, 08/2013, DIES, Università di Udine
  • Massarutto A., Ermano P., 2013, “Drowned in an inch of water. How poor regulation weakened the Italian water reform”, Utilities Policy, 24, 20-31
  • Massarutto A., de Carli A., Graffi M., 2011, “Materials and Energy recovery in integrated waste management systems: a Life-Cycle Costing approach”, Waste Management, 31, 9-10, 2102-2111, doi: 10.1016/j.wasman.2011.05.017
  • Massarutto A., de Carli A., 2013, Traditional flood protection vs. river restoration: an ecological-economic approach, Atti dei Convegni Lincei, Accademia dei Lincei, Roma
  • Massarutto A., Antonioli B., Ermano P., 2013, “Assessing the impact of water service regulatory reforms in Italy: a multidimensional approach”, Water Policy (accepted)
  • Massarutto A., Antonioli B., 2012, “The municipal waste management sector in Europe: shifting boundaries between public service and the market”, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 83, 4, 505-532
  • Massarutto A., 2013, “The long and winding road to resource efficiency: an interdisciplinary perspective on extended producer responsibility”, Resources, Conservation and Recycling (accepted)
  • Massarutto A., 2012, Reform of water services in Italy: a live bomb behind outward unanimity, in Barraqué B., ed., Urban water conflicts, Routledge, London
  • Massarutto A., 2012, An ecological-economic approach to urban water conflicts, in Barraqué B., ed., Urban water conflicts, Routledge, London
  • Massarutto A., 2012, “The brown side of the green economy: urban garbage and the zero-waste utopia”, Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, 3, 81-110, DOI: 10.3280/EFE2012-003007
  • Massarutto A., 2011, Privati dell’acqua?, il Mulino, Bologna
  • Massarutto A., 2007, “Water pricing and full-cost recovery of water services: economic incentive or instrument of public finance?”, Water Policy, 9, 591-613
  • Massarutto A., 2007, “Waste management as a public utility: options for competition in an environmentally-regulated industry”, Utilities Policy, 15, 9-19
  • Massarutto A, Paccagnan V., Linares E., 2008, “Private operation and public financ e of the Italian water industry: a marriage of convenience?”, Water Resources Research Water Resour. Res., 44, W12425, doi:10.1029/2007WR006443




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