Carlo Cambini





  • Visiting Post-Doc, Institute d’Economie Industrielle (IDEI), Toulouse School of Economics
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Scuola S.Anna, Pisa, Italy
  • B. A. in Economics, University of Pisa - Italy

Current activities

  • Professor  in Industrial Organization, Politecnico di Torino.
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Florence School of Regulation – Communications and Media, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies – European University Institute (EUI), Florence
  • IEFE Research Fellow, Bocconi University
  • Research Fellow at ENCORE (Economics Network for Competition and Regulation, http://www.encore.nl/ )
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Journals: “Mercato Concorrenza Regole” and “Journal of Industrial Business and Economics/Economia e Politica Industriale”


International Awards

International award as best Young Economist at the International meeting of the European Association of Researcher in Industrial Economics – E.A.R.I.E. (Losanna – CH – 2000) for the paper “Competition between Vertically Integrated Networks”.

Research interests 

  • Industrial Organization and Policy
  • Competition Policy and Regulation
  • Economics of Network Industries

Recent publications 

  • “Output-based incentive regulation in electricity distribution: evidence from Italy” (2014), with A. Croce and E. Fumagalli, Energy Economics, forthcoming. DOI: 10.1016/j.eneco.2014.07.002
  •  Regional Energy Initiatives. MedReg and the Energy Community (2014), C. Cambini and A. Rubini (eds), Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group
  • “Access Regulation and the Transition from Copper to Fiber Networks in Telecoms” (2014), with M. Bourreau and P. Dogan, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 45(3), 233-258
  • “Fixed-Mobile Integration” (2014), with. M. Bourreau and S. Hoernig, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 45 (1), 57-74
  • “Assessing the EU pressure for rules change: the perceptions of southern Mediterranean energy regulators” (2014), with D. Franzi, Mediterranean Politics, 19(1), 59-81
  • “Reluctant Regulation” (2013), with B. Bortolotti and L. Rondi, Journal of Comparative Economics, 41(3), 804-828
  • “Independent Regulatory Agencies and Rules Harmonization for the Electricity Sector and Renewables in the Mediterranean Region” (2013), with D. Franzi, Energy Policy, 60, 179-191
  • “Investment Sharing in Broadband Networks” (2013), with V. Silvestri, Telecommunications Policy, 37, 861-878
  •  “Access Pricing, Competition, and Incentives to Migrate from "Old" to "New" Technology” (2012), with Bourreau, M and Doğan, P., International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30, 713-723
  • “Ex-ante Regulation and Co-investment in the Transition to Next Generation Access” (2012), with M. Bourreau and S. Hoernig, Telecommunication Policy, 36, 399-406
  • “Capital Structure and Investment in Regulated Network Utilities: Evidence from EU Telecoms” (2012), with L. Rondi, Industrial and Corporate Change, 21(1), 73-94
  • “Corporatization and Firm Performance: Evidences from Publicly Provided Local Transport Utilities” (2011), with M. Filippini, M. Piacenza and D. Vannoni, Review of Law and Economics, 7(1), 195-217
  •  “Capital Structure and Regulation: Do Ownership and Regulatory Independence Matter?” (2011), with B. Bortolotti, L. Rondi and Y. Spiegel, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 20(2), 517-564
  •  “Incentive Regulation and Investment: Evidence from European Energy Utilities” (2010), with L. Rondi, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 38, 1-26
  • “Broadband Investment and Regulation. A Literature Review” (2009), with J. Yanyan, Telecommunications Policy, 33, 559-574
  • “Information Exchange and Competition in Communications Networks” (2008), with a T. Valletti, Journal of Industrial Economics, LVI(4): 707-728





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