Marco Frey





  • 2000: Fellowship by Eisenhower Foundation (3 months in USA)
  • 1987-92: Scholarship by Associazione amici della Bocconi, Università Bocconi
  • 1986: Degree in Economics and Social Disciplines (full marks), Università Bocconi, Milan

Current activities 


  • IEFE Research Fellow, Bocconi University
  • Responsible of Observatory on environmental management, Università Bocconi
  • Lecturer in the SDA (Management School), Università Bocconi
  • Member of the Coordination Committee of the Master in Environmental Economics and Management (MEMA), Università Bocconi


  • Full Professor in environmental management, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
  • Responsible of the research activities in the field of environmental, energy, CSR, and safety management, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • President of Laboratory on Health Management (http://www.mes.it/), Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
  • Director of the Master in Environmental Management and Control, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
  • President of the Scientific Committee of the High Education Division, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa 
  • Member of Scientific Board of Econometica (Center for Business Ethicsand CSR) (http://www.econometica.it/), Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • Member of the Scientific and the Directive Council of Cesisp (Interuniversity Centre for the Development of Product Sustainability) (www.dichep.unige.it/cesisp/eng/index.htm)
  • Member of the Scientific Board of CRIBE (Interuniversity Center for Biomass Energy)
  • Trustee and President of the Environmental Commission at the Cariplo Foundation
  • Member of the UN Global Compact Taskforce for Responsible Business Education
  • Member of the UN Global Compact Learning Forum Academic Network
  • Member of Scientific Committee of WWF Italia and Legambiente
  • Member of the Directive Committee of Ambiente e Lavoro

Past activities 

  • Member of the TWG Food & Milk in the Siviglia IPPC Bureau
  • Project leader in the co-ordination of 39 EMAS pilot projects commissioned by the European Commission DG XI (since February 1995)
  • Project leader in a pilot project for Ecolabel promotion and diffusion in Italy, Belgium and Netherlands commissioned by the European Commission DG XI (since February 1998)
  • Research director in a pilot project, commissioned by the European Commission DG XI, on the diffusion of the environmental management and audit systems in the SME's of the Italian chemical sector
  • Coordinator of some projects founded by the European Commission about the Environmental Management Systems in the Industrial clusters (EUROMANAGEMENT, PIONEER, ESEMPLA, COOPERATE)
  • Research-team member in a multi-partnerial project on the promotion of environmental preventive technologies as business opportunities for SMEs (funded by the European Commission DG XXIII), involving a research network of universities from Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Portugal
  • Trustee of the International board of WWF (2000-2003), Member of National Committee of WWF Italia

Research interests 

  • Environmental and social impact of the industrial activities (environmental monitoring, engineering firms, sustainable demand, technology innovation, auditing)
  • Role and evolution of environmental institutions (Agencies, Ministry of Environment, local institutions)
  • Application of environmental policy instruments
  • Role of NGOs

Recent publications in english 

  • M. Frey (edited by), Horizontal subsidiarity in the new europe. Citizens and institutions collaborating for consumers rights, ETS, 2005
  • K. Van Dijken, M. Frey et alii, Adoption of Environmental Innovations, Kluwer Academic Publishers, London, 1999
  • «Environmental Management Systems and SMEs», Greener Management International, with V. Biondi eand F. Iraldo, n.29, Spring 2000, pp.55-69
  • «Adoption of Emas in a SME of the chemical sector: a case study», in Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production, with V. Biondi, edited by R. Hillary, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1997, pp. 319-327
  • «Participation in the EU EMAS: an analysis of SMEs in Italy», European environment, with V. Biondi, vol.5, n.5, Sept.-Oct. 1995
  • «New Technologies and employment in Italian Telecommunications», Technovation, n.4, June 1991

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