Massimiliano Mazzanti





  • Phd University Roma Tre, dissertation on ‘Economic Techniques for the Economic Valuation of Cultural Heritage’
  • Master of Science in Environmental & Resource Economics, UCL London
  • Laurea in Political sciences and Economics, University of Bologna


Current activities

  • IEFE Research Fellow, Bocconi University
  • Full Professor in Economics Policy, University of Ferrara
  • External Research collaborator IRCrES CNR, Milan


Research Interests

  • Applied environmental economics
  • Environmental innovation dynamics
  • Economics of waste
  • Environmental Policy assessment
  • Valuation of the environment


Recent Publications

  • Antonioli D. Borghesi S. Mazzanti M., 2016, Are regional systems greening the economy? Local spillovers, green innovations and firm's economic performances, Economics of Innovation and New technology
  • D'Amato A. Mazzanti M. Nicolli F., 2015, Waste and organized crime in regional environments. How waste tariffs and the mafia affect waste management and disposal, Resource and Energy Economics, December
  • Borghesi S. Crespi F. D’Amato A. Mazzanti M. Silvestri F., 2015, Carbon abatement, sector heterogeneity and policy responses: evidence on induced eco innovations in the EU, Environmental Science and Policy
  • Borghesi S. Cainelli G. Mazzanti M., 2015, Linking emission trading to environmental innovation: Evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry, Research Policy
  • Cainelli G. D’Amato A. Mazzanti M., 2015, Adoption of waste-reducing technology in manufacturing: Regional factors and policy issues, Resource and Energy Economics
  • Cecere G. Mancinelli S. Mazzanti M., 2014, Waste prevention and social preferences: the role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, Ecological Economics
  • Gilli M. Mancinelli S. Mazzanti M., 2014, Innovation complementarity and environmental performances: reality or delusion? Evidence from the EU, Ecological Economics
  • Corradini M. Costantini V. Mancinelli S. Mazzanti M., 2014, Unveiling the dynamic relation between R&D and emission abatement. National and sectoral innovation perspectives from the EU, Ecological Economics
  • Mazzanti M. Musolesi A., 2014, Non linearity, heterogeneity and unobserved effects in the CO2 income relation for advanced countries, Studies in non linear Dynamics and Econometrics, October
  • Mazzanti M. Nicolli F., 2013, Landfill diversion in a decentralized setting: a dynamic assessment of landfill taxes, Resources, Conservation and recycling
  • Gilli M. Mazzanti M. Nicolli F., 2013, Sustainability, Environmental Innovations and competitiveness in evolutionary perspectives. Evidence from the EU, Journal of Socio Economics, June
  • Cainelli G. Mazzanti M., 2013, Environmental Innovations in services, Research Policy, November
  • Costantini V. Mazzanti M. Montini A., 2013, Environmental performance, innovation and regional spillovers, Ecological Economics
  • Antonioli D., Mancinelli S. Mazzanti M., 2013, Is Environmental Innovation Embedded within High-Performance Organisational Changes? The role of human resource management and complementarity in green business strategies, Research Policy, May
  • Marin G., Mazzanti M., 2013, The evolution of environmental and labour productivity dynamics, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, April


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