Roberto Roson






  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Umeå (Sweden)
  • M.Soc.Sc. in Economics, University of Umeå (Sweden)
  • B. A. in Economics, Università Ca’Foscari, Venezia (Italy)

Current activities 

  • Associate Professor of Applied Economis at Università Ca’Foscari, Venezia
  • IEFE Research Fellow, Bocconi University

Past activities

  • HCM Visiting Fellow, Free University and Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 1994 - February 1995.
  • Visiting Fellow, Dept. of Economics, University of Warwick, U.K., July 1995 and September 1996.
  • Visiting Fellow, Massey University, Palmerston North and MOTU, Wellington, New Zealand, August 2008.
  • World Bank, Development Economics Prospects Group (DECPG), Washington, U.S.A., February 2010 – April 2010.
  • Visiting Fellow, University of Barcelona, IEB, September 2011.

Research interests 

  • Industrial Economics
  • Network Economics
  • Water and Resource Economics
  • Computable General Equilibrium Models
  • Integrated Assessment
  • Climate Change Economics

Recent publications

  • “Two-Sided Markets: a Tentative Survey”, Review of Network Economics, vol.4(2), pp. 142-160, 2005.
  • “A General Equilibrium Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on Tourism” (with M.Berrittella, A.Bigano,R.S.J. Tol), Tourism Management, vol.25(5), pp. 913-924, 2006. Preliminary version published as FEEM working paper n.127, 2004.
  • “Auctions in a Two-Sided Network: the Market for Meal Voucher Services”, Networks and Spatial Economics, vol.5, pp. 339-350, 2005.
  • “Platform Competition in Two-Sided Markets: The Case of Payment Networks” (with S.Chakravorti), Review of Network Economics, vol.5(1), pp.118-140, 2005. Preliminary version published as Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Working Paper 2004-09, July 2004.
  • “Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Human Health” (with F.Bosello, R.S.J.Tol), Ecological Economics, vol.58(3), pp.579-591, 2006. Preliminary version published as FEEM working paper.
  • “Introducing Imperfect Competition in CGE Models: Technical Aspects and Implications”, Computational Economics, vol.28, pp.29-49, 2006. Preliminary version published as FEEM working paper n.2.2006 and Ca'Foscari/DSE working paper.
  • Climate Change, Energy Demand and Market Power in a General Equilibrium Model of the World Economy (with F.Bosello and E.De Cian), FEEM working paper n. 71.07, 2007.
  • “Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Sea-Level Rise” (with F.Bosello, R.S.J.Tol), Environmental and Resource Economics, vol.37, pp.549-571, 2007. Preliminary version published as FEEM working paper n.96.2004.
  • “Equilibrium Size in Network with Indirect Network Externalities: a Comment”, Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, vol.11(2), pp.269-273, 2006. Also published as FEEM and Ca'Foscari-DSE working paper.
  • “Climate Change and Extreme Events: an Assessment of Economic Implications” (with A.Calzadilla and F.Pauli), International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, vol. 7(1), pp. 5-28, 2007. Preliminary version published as FEEM and Ca'Foscari-DSE working paper.
  • “The Economic Impact of Restricted Water Supply: a Computable General Equilibrium Analysis” (with M.Berrittella, A.Y.Hoekstra, K.Rehdanz, R.S.J.Tol), Water Research, vol. 41, pp.1799-1813, 2007.
  • “Economy-wide Impacts of Climate Change: a Joint Analysis for Sea Level Rise and Tourism” (with A.Bigano, F.Bosello, R.S.J.Tol), Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change, vol. 13(8), pp.765-791, 2008.
  • “Context Matters? An Experimental Analysis of Willingness to Pay for (Environmental) Public Goods” (with M.Sartori), Empirical Economics Letters, vol. 7(3), pp. 289-292, 2008.
  • “The Economic Impact of Water Taxes: a Computable General Equilibrium Analysis with an International Data Set” (with M.Berrittella, K.Rehdanz, R.S.J.Tol), Water Policy, vol.10(3), pp. 259-271, 2008.
  • “Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of Climate Change: Human Health – a Rejoinder” (with F.Bosello, R.S.J.Tol), Ecological Economics, vol.60(1), pp.14-15, 2008.
  • “Price Discrimination and Audience Composition in Advertising-Based Broadcasting”, Journal of Media Economics, vol. 21(4), pp. 234-257, 2008.
  • “Climate Change Feedback on Economic Growth: Explorations with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model” (with F.Eboli and R.Parrado), Environment and Development Economics, vol.15, pp.515-533, 2010.
  • Water Scarcity and Virtual Water Trade in the Mediterranean (with M.Sartori), University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Dept. of Economics Research Paper Series No. 08/10, 2010.
  • “Towards an Inter-disciplinary research agenda on climate Change, Water and Security in Southern Europe and Neighboring Countries” (with G.Kallis, R.Ludwig, C.Zografos), Environmental Science and Policy, vol.14(7), pp.794-803, 2011.
  • “Cambiamento Climatico e Scarsità Idrica nel Mediterraneo: una Analisi del Commercio Virtuale di Acqua” (Climate Change and Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean: an Analysis of Virtual Water Trade, with M.Sartori), QA – Rivista dell'Associazione Rossi-Doria, vol.22(3), pp.57-74, 2011.
  • “Climate Change and Agriculture in Computable General Equilibrium Models: Alternative Modeling Strategies and Data Needs” (with R.Palatnik), Climatic Change, vol.112(4), pp.1085-1100, 2012. Published on-line December 2011 DOI 10.1007/s10584-011-0356-6.
  • “Climate Change and Economic Growth: Impacts and Interactions” (with D. van der Mensbrugghe), International Journal of Sustainable Economy, vol.4(3), pp. 270-285, 2012. Preliminary version published as DSE Working Paper n.07/10, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, 2010.
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  • “Integration of research advances in modelling and monitoring in support of WFD river basin management planning in the context of climate change” (with P. Quevauviller et al.), Science of the Total Environment, 2012, doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.07.055.
  • Competition between Multiproduct Firms with Heterogeneous Costs, DE Working Paper n.13/12, Dipartimento di Economia, Ca'Foscari University, Venice.
  • “Water’s Green Economy: alternative pathways for water resource development in agriculture” (with M.Antonelli, M.Gilmont), L’Europe en formation, n.365, pp. 23-48, 2012.
  • “Climate Change, Tourism and Water Resources in the Mediterranean: a General Equilibrium Analysis” (with M.Sartori), International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, forthcoming, 2013. Preliminary version: IEFE Working Paper n. 51 – June 2012, and DE Working Paper n.5/12, Dipartimento di Economia, Ca'Foscari University, Venice.
  • “Uncertainty in the Economics of Climate Change: Can Global Sensitivity Analysis be of Help?” (with B.Anderson, E.Borgonovo, M.Galeotti), Risk Analysis, forthcoming, 2013. Preliminary version: UNIMI - Research Papers in Economics, Business, and Statistics n.46, 2012.
  • “A Modeling Framework to Assess the Economic Impact of Climate Change in the Caribbean”, CEPAL Review, forthcoming, 2013.


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