Second Sustainability Report of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

IEFE is pleased to announce that the second Sustainability Report of Expo 2015 S.p.A. has been published and is available for downloading at the following page http://www.expo2015.org/en/expo-milano-2015-is-the-first-universal-exposition-with-a-certification-for-sustainability  
On the occasion of the publication of the first Sustainability Report in 2013, the BIE has stressed in a statement: "This document is the result of a great effort, it contains a great deal of important information and should be considered as part of the work process and of the documentation for the Event’s legacy. We recommend to continue its publication and also to reach a greater number of stakeholders".
Both the documents  have been drawn up by a working group coordinated by the Sustainability Function of Expo 2015 S.p.A. with the support of IEFE. They both describe in an organic way, the actions taken and the results achieved so far by the society, for the economic, social and environmental organization of Expo Milano 2015, also through the involvement and contribution of most of the stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Event and according to the methodology elaborated by  the Global Reporting Initiative though its Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting, the so-called G4.

More precisely, this second edition  accounts for material environmental data such as the monitoring activities carried out during the construction phase on the most relevant environmental components, the GHG inventory of the company and the consecutive CO2 emissions offsetting measures adopted, the explanation of the ecological value offsetting programme, as well as the commitment to apply the proper LEED Protocol’s criteria to both the Exposition Site and the building Cascina Triulza (LEED ND Protocol, Neighborhood Development, 2009 and LEED NC Protocol, New Construction, 2009, respectively).
Furthermore, it provides an in depth analysis of the most relevant social aspects such as the personnel composition, the recruitment procedure, the health and safety measures adopted for both the offices and the construction sites but also some insights in relation to the company’s relationships with its suppliers, the importance given to the adoption of green criteria for the procurement processes as well as several information on the communication strategy  of Expo 2015 and on the many projects developed for women, children, students and research on the Exposition theme related issues.
Finally, the document accounts the economic performance of the company through the publication of its balance sheet as well as of the expected economic impact of the event. In addition, a section is dedicated to the new measures adopted in order to strenghten the application of the principles of fairness and transaparency to the company.

A third edition will be published and it will be focused on the sustainability management of the event.

Expo Milano 2015 is the first Universal Exposition that has taken the commitment of reporting its environmental, social and economic performances through a series of Sustainability Reports. Furthermore, it is also the first Exposition that has obtained the ISO 20121 certification for its Management System for the Sustainability of the Event in relation to its planning phase.
















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