Smart financing and empowerment. The use of crowdfunding in the energy sector

Research results of IEFE’s Marie Curie Fellow, Dr Chiara Candelise, raise attention in the media.

The study is the first worldwide systematic review of energy crowdfunding platforms, an innovative financing tool which responds to the pressing need of improving access to capital to support worldwide transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Crowdfunding platforms are also potentially able to expand the applicability of shared ownership and civic approaches in energy investments, as they aggregate financial resources as well as people on specific energy projects.

The study has been presented in Brussels on 24th May 2016 at CrowdFundRES workshops and ECN CrowdCamp on crowdfunding for renewable energies and since picked up by national and international media (links below).

Evidence presented in the study (soon to be published on academic journal) highlights an emerging and empowering financial tool for investments in the energy sector. Initially developed as a socio-technical practice for civic energy approaches, it is already showing signs of scaling up and of turning into a new viable business model for distributed energy investments.

















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