Working Papers

Working Paper Series - ISSN 1973-0381

The role of regulatory learning in energy transition: The case of solar PV in Brazil

by Miguel Vazquez and Michelle Hallack 

IEFE Working Paper n. 91

Assessing the cost of supplying water for agriculture: the food supply cost curve

by Roberto Roson 

IEFE Working Paper n. 90

Pre-commercial Procurement, Procurement of Innovative Solutions and Innovation Partnerships in the EU: Rationale and Strategy

by Elisabetta Iossa, Federico Biagi and Paola Valbonesi 

IEFE Working Paper n. 89

A comprehensive ex‐post assessment of the Italian RES policy: deployment, jobs, value added and import leakages

by Mattia Cai, Niccolò Cusumano, Arturo Lorenzoni and Federico Pontoni 

IEFE Working Paper n. 88

Entry Games and Free Entry Equilibria

by Michele Polo 

IEFE Working Paper n. 87

Estimation of climate change damage functions for 140 regions in the GTAP9 database

by Roberto Roson and Martina Sartori 

IEFE Working Paper n. 86

Urban Road Pricing: A Comparative Study on the Experiences of London, Stockholm and Milan

by Edoardo Croci and Aldo Ravazzi Douvan 

IEFE Working Paper n. 85

Simulating the Macroeconomic Impact of Future Water Scarcity: an Assessment of Alternative Scenarios

by Roberto Roson and Richard Damania 

IEFE Working Paper n. 84

Fiber to the People: the Development of the Ultra‐broadband Network in Italy

by Carlo Cambini, Michele Polo and Antonio Sassano 

IEFE Working Paper n. 83

The Impacts of Exogenous Oil Supply Shocks on Mediterranean Economies

by Andrea Bastianin, Marzio Galeotti and Matteo Manera 

IEFE Working Paper n. 82

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