Working Papers

Working Paper Series - ISSN 1973-0381

Organizing Competition for the Market

by Elisabetta Iossa, Patrick Rey and Michael Waterson 

GREEN Working Paper n.109

How to Set Budget Caps for Competitive Grants

By Alessandro De Chiara, Elisabetta Iossa 

GREEN Working Paper n.108

Convergence of European natural gas prices

by Andrea Bastianin, Marzio Galeotti, Michele Polo 

GREEN Working Paper n.107

Policy and Regulation for Energy Storage Systems

by Matteo Di Castelnuovo and Miguel Vazquez  

IEFE Working Paper n. 106

G-Rdem: A Gtap-Based Recursive Dynamic Cge Model For Long-Term Baseline Generation And Analysis

by Wolfgang Britz and Roberto Roson  

IEFE Working Paper n. 105

Institutional dynamics in an economy seen as a complex adaptive system

by Miguel Vazquez 

IEFE Working Paper n. 104

The innovation theory of harm: An appraisal

by Vincenzo Denicolò and Michele Polo 

IEFE Working Paper n. 103

The Impact of Economic Growth on CO2 Emissions in Azerbaijan

by Jeyhun I. Mikayilov, Marzio Galeotti and Fakhri J. Hasanov 

IEFE Working Paper n. 102

Decoupling of CO2 emissions and GDP: A time-varying cointegration approach

by Jeyhun I. Mikayilov, Fakhri J. Hasanov and Marzio Galeotti 

IEFE Working Paper n. 101

Climate Change and Migration: Is Agriculture the Main Channel?

by Chiara Falco, Marzio Galeotti and Alessandro Olper 

IEFE Working Paper n. 100

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